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Stone coated roofing tiles Uganda
Stone coated roofing tiles Uganda
Stone coated roofing tiles Uganda

Why Buy Tilcor Roofing ?

A metal tile roof is lighter than a concrete or clay tile roof, more durable than an asphalt shingle roof, and easier to handle than long-run corrugate sheets. It is the best reliable and affordable roofing system in the market place in a range of design and styles.  In term of delivery to the job site, a metal tile roof is the most cost effective roof for transportation and provides the lowest carbon footprint of any roof on the market.
When deciding on anything that you will buy, you always ask yourself certain questions like:
  • Does it meet international standards and ISO 9001 accredited
  • Do i get a good guarantee 
  • Is it made from quality materials 
  • Does the product look good 
  • Am i dealing with professionals 
  • And most importantly is it the right price 
Below are the facts regarding the current stone coated roofing products on the market today and a guide to help you choose what you should and should NOT be taking into consideration when buying a stone coated roof.   
Is your roofing tile made from Zincalume and is it made from the highest quality zincalume?
Advances in technology over the last 15 to 20 years means roofing materials are now available that are stronger, lighter, more durable than ever before, people advertising that they invented stone coated roofing 60-70 years ago only shows longevity in the market, the advance in technology and materials is much more recent.
So what should i be looking for, when it comes to roofing materials
New Zealand steel Logo .jpg
  1. Zincalume with the right zinc and aluminium ratios (this is what tilcor use)
  2. manufactures can advertise that they are using Zincalaume when in fact they are hardly using it at all just a little for adverting purposes
  3. Galvanised steel is still been used by manufactures today, galvanised steel for roofing has now been super seeded by zincalume, you may find some company's that advertise zincalume (or equivalent) really this means they don't use Zincaluimum and are still 20 years behind the current trend.
  4. Some roofing manufactures don't even use galvanised steel,
Zincalume stone coated roofing tiles Uganda, Aluzinc roofing Uganda, roofing Uganda
FACT - google it yourself?
The reality is that roofs and walls made from Zincalume steel have a far more superior performance over galvanized steel and are very cost competitive. It is very clear that Zincalume out performs galvanized steel. New Zealand Zincalume steel is also 2.5 times more durable than typical Zincalume that the majority other producers use 
Does your roofing tile have natural coloured stone chips?
Be very careful with this choice and make sure you buy roof tiles with natural coloured stone chips, inevitably some manufactures will mix small ratios of ceramic coated stones to get some of the colours this is usually OK, as long as the majority are natural coloured stone chips and this should only be the case in such colours as bright blue etc. Look at the manufactures web page, you will usually find good guarantees and details ensuring they use natural coloured stone.
Tilcor Roofifng systems natural coloured stone
What you should be looking for when looking at stone coated chips on roofing tiles?
  1. Natural Coloured Stone coated Chips, (this is what Tilcor Use)
  2. Tiles that have ALL ceramic Chips to get the colour and no natural coloured stone chips
  3. Painted stone chips (these products will start changing colour as soon as the paint wears off
  4. Sand glued onto the roofing tile and painted (again this usually starts changing colour within a few months)
What Price should i be paying?

FAKE - Roofing

FAKE - Roofing

  1. Unfortunately some suppliers seem to think that they can charge whatever they want, nobody should pay over and beyond 
  2. You Should be treated fairly and given a good price Tilcor State " You will not fond a more durable versatile and attractive roofing product on the world market that will surpus Tilcors Quailty and affodabilty"  
  3. Over pricing, Some suppliers look at the prices of quality products (likeTilcor) and match them accordingly even though their products are not of the same quality
  4. Cheap products, be aware of fake products if in doubt contact the manufacturer directly and ask for your nearest distributor  
Below are pictures of FAKE stone coated roofing - Nobody wants to have a roof like this
poor roofing, bad roofing, fake stone coated roofing Uganda,
Bad fake roofing
Unfortunately Africa is full of fake and below standard goods, and its no different in the roofing industry, cheap products are filling the market, these products like the ones in the pictures above are common place and NOBODY WANTS TO HAVE A HOME LIKE THIS make sure on the back of the tiles their is a company name and brand, then research the brand, all good suppliers and distributors should have a webpage. Fake tiles can look the same, but within a few months can start fading and change colour, this is all down to the cheap materials they use to make the tile. DONT HAVE YOUR DREAMS RUINED by not researching the products.
TILCOR have been in the roofing business for over 75 years and currently export to over 80 countries world wide from their factory in New Zealand. TILCOR have become the market leaders by providing quality products that meet all international standards 
Authorised Dealers - Tilex Imports Limited are the Sole Distributors of TILCOR in UGANDA 
Many people claim that they are selling TILCOR products please be aware they are NOT, Tilex Imports limited is the Sole and only distributor of Tilcor Roofing Systems in Uganda. BE AWARE OF FAKE SALES PEOPLE click on the link below to see we are the true and only distributors 
TILCOR have an internation Reputaion to Up Hold
Tilcor has an international reputation to uphold, supplying only the finest quality roofing tiles in over 80 countries world wide, Tilcor has been used on some of the most prestige building in the world so you know you are in safe hands when buying a Tilcor product. Tilcors natural stone chips taken from the Volcanic mountains of New Zealand, and high grade Zincalaume steel provides the customer with a product of a life time that wont fade or change colour. Tilcor is a market leading product, and you will not find a better quality roofing tile at a more affordable price.


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