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Stone coated roofing tiles Uganda
Stone coated roofing tiles Uganda
Stone coated roofing Tiles Uganda

Tilcor Profiles

As a home owner, you need to know your roof is weather-tight, durable, easy to maintain and most importantly the roofing company can give you a peace of mind of warranty, whether its a new house or replacement of the existing house. A new roofing system is a big investment and you may want to add value to your property. Especially re-roofing, you will be amazed how simple and cost effective it is creating additional value to your property. Get it right and make the life easier for you and your family

Below you can see samples of our distinctive types of metal roofing tiles. For an overview of our tile profiles, click on each images to see the style in closer detail. The different styles offer a variety of choices which can be matched appropriately based on the architectural style of the building. 




Royal Bark.jpg
Royal Charcaol.jpg


Bond Saphire.png
Bond Burgundy.png


Classic Dark brown.jpg
classic teraccotta.jpg


shake. 2.jpg

All of Tilcor’s roofing products are fabricated from Zincalume®-protected steel. Tilcor’s textured finish provides added protection by embedding natural stone granules in an acrylic base-coat. A final clear acrylic over-glaze is applied before being oven cured. This extremely durable UV-resistant coating enables Tilcor roofing products to withstand the harshest environments around the world. Tilcor is ISO 9001 accredited. International test reports, appraisals and field results confirm our products are 100% waterproof, earthquake safe, fire resistant and able to withstand hurricane-force winds. A Tilcor roof will not only safeguard your investment but will also give you complete peace of mind because it’s backed by a Tilcor warranty.


Uv protection, stone coated roofing tiles Uganda
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